Man to Man counselling has been established to ensure that men all over the country have an easy accessible route to counselling. We have decided to offer many different ways to access counselling, as we know there are many different feelings towards counselling, and we want you to feel as comfortable as possible to make the step to get the help you need.

We've introduced a special type of counselling just for men, as an option for those who need support but feel unsure about seeking help. We think alot of men would prefer talking to another man who they can connect with, maybe someone who's been through similar things or understands the challenges men face today. Many men find the idea of counselling a bit scary – sitting across from a stranger, being analysed and being asked lots of questions. We offer something totally different.

Our goal is to reach out to men who might not have considered counselling before or who might feel a bit uncomfortable about it, like going to the doctor. We want you to feel excited about your sessions, to bring whatever you need to discuss, and to get the most out of our work together. With a male counsellor you can relate to, someone you can build a good relationship with, we create a friendly and relaxed space where you can feel safe talking about what's brought you to counselling. Remember, everything you say is kept confidential. For us, we aim to make counselling feel less serious, to get rid of that intimidating or embarrassing feeling. Going to counselling doesn't mean something's wrong with you – people seek counselling for various reasons. We give you your own personal male counsellor who you can reach out to in many different ways. Our principle is simple: you're the client, it's your session, You decide what we discuss and the pace we go at.

We create a friendly, relaxed, and non-judgmental environment where you can explore your thoughts and feelings with a qualified male counsellor who understands your issues. Imagine it as having a chat with a friend! Except this friend is a trained integrative counsellor who follows strict confidentiality rules. Confidentiality is of utmost importance to us, and you can rest assured that your discussions will remain strictly private within the bounds of professional ethics. Whether you're facing relationship issues, workplace stress, anxiety, depression or any other emotional struggles, our counselling sessions will enable you to gain deeper insights, learn effective coping strategies, and discover your innate strengths. We encourage open communication and aim to build a strong therapeutic relationship, Establishing trust and rapport to encourage healing and personal growth.

We hope to make counselling affordable, accessible, and enjoyable for men who previously wouldn’t feel comfortable in a counselling setting.
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Our Counsellor

Advanced Dip L4 Counselling (NCPS Accredited)
NCPS Membership Number: NCS23-05057

I am an accredited member of the National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society. This organisation holds Accredited Register Status with the Professional Standards Authority, meaning that their members have achieved a recognised and required level of training and adhere to a professional code of conduct including strict confidentiality and ethical guidelines.

Personal Interests
Football, Golf, Fitness, Boxing, Reading, Travelling.